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"Algo fuimos, no sé qué fue, pero me encantaba ser tu “algo”.
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Any other girl in the love department.

       I’m frankly just like any other girl in the “love department”, just don’t really show it. Every girl wants to fall in love with the perfect guy and live happily ever after(sounds annoying, right?). It sounds fucking crazy, but still, you know you dream about it. Every girl wants flowers, chocolates, Valentine’s Day cards, CD mixes, random texts, stuffed teddy bears, cute surprises… etc., from the person they like or love. But, I’m not quite good showing  what I like or who I like. I do exactly the opposite, simply act like I don’t care, or just complain about how ridiculous a couple looks kissing in public or being just lame. I know it’s really more like a shield or whatever you may call it, because when you expect shit from people, you get hurt…. a lot. I know from experience, maybe that’s why I act this way.

        So deep, deep down I know, I want those things. And that’s where the title and the first sentence comes in. This is like a moment of truth. I’m just like any other girl when it comes to love. I like to be wooed(ha-ha funny word). I like flowers. I fucking love chocolate. To be really honest, have never received a VD letter or CD mix. Surprises?!… they are mostly good, can’t complain about that. Well, maybe except the stuffed animals(That I really hate). Then again, it’s not all about the presents. The holding hands, the kissing in public, the talking about feelings, the being lame… (Yes all that romantic shit , I mean stuff, that can be done together). I think I just got sick and tired of complaining about stuff and acting like I don’t care, when I actually do. I really just wanted to get this shit out of my system. I want it all, and I’m not playing games anymore. Guess I’ll keep waiting or looking for the guy who really cares.

PS to everyone

We may act like we don’t but, face it, we all crave every detail when it comes to love.



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Oye, te quiero ver otra vez.
¿Qué excusa inventamos?



Tim Burton received this handmade cake from his animation team and it’s basically the coolest shit ever.


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And you know exactly what it is you need to say…

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Say it before you run out of time. Say it before it’s too late. Say what you’re feeling. Waiting is a mistake.
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